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Digital communication planner & doer

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Social media management

  • Development of a successful strategy.
  • Create quality content on social medias.
  • Animate and build the loyalty of your online community.
  • Monitor your e-reputation to preserve your brand's image.

Stratégie des réseaux sociaux chinois_marketing Chine

Marketing for the Chinese market

  • Professional translation of brand documents from French to Chinese, adapted to the Chinese market.
  • Define a strategy for an effective presence on social medias in China.


I help you build a successful digital ecosystem that highlights the quality of your brand.

As an expert in Community Management, I have gained experience in the hotel and restaurant sector. Thanks to my expertise, I have acquired solid knowledge to develop brand awareness on digital channels. I would now like to broaden my horizons and integrate my passion for digital marketing by offering you my services: social medias management, content marketing, emailing strategy, graphic design, etc.


community management social media

Community management

Developing editorial planning for social medias and website. Producing content that enhances the brand and drives qualified traffic.
Design visuel

Visual communication

Creating graphic and audiovisual communication materials that enhance the brand's identity.


Have you come this far? Let’s get to know each other and find out more about :

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  • My interest in being part of your adventure towards a value-generating development.
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