Marketing strategy for Chinese market

You are interested in expanding your business into the Chinese market?

Or have you already started your business? Because this market has 1.3 billion potential consumers and is the second largest economy with a GDP of $8,765 billion and an average annual growth rate of 8%. That is why a marketing strategy for the Chinese market can improve your image with your target audience in China.

Stratégie des réseaux sociaux chinois_marketing Chine

How can I help you with your marketing strategy for Chinese market?

Adapt your brand identity into their language

I take into consideration your brand identity and the linguistic and cultural habits of the Chinese when translating your documents.

Communicate your messages on the social medias preferred by the Chinese

Communicating messages to the Chinese population is different. Social media is an effective way to make yourself known. Because, with over a billion users, Chinese consumers are very active on social medias. They often use these platforms to research products and find information about brands. In addition, they make online purchases.

I will help you to set up a social network strategy adapted to your needs and to the expectations of your Chinese targets. Content should be created on the targeted networks with a particular attention to cultural sensitivities of the country.

What are the results of these actions targeting the Chinese market?

You will gain visibility with Chinese customers, which will help your business grow in China.